Winter 2012 Newsletter


Last year was a really fun year, not too hot, lots of use by everyone, and we got our fishing program back! This past weekend, we had a great time ringing in the New Year with a enjoyable 5K Run/hike through the cabin area, so we have already started out 2012 on a fun note! I've been trying my best to keep everyone informed on both the fun side of the rancho and the business side by frequent (sometimes daily...mostly weekly) updates on our Facebook page, and more basic (monthly) updates on our regular website. If you haven't already, please "Like" us on Facebook, so you can see the latest photos and happenings, and check out our main website at for new and updated pages like our new wildlife page (for example, see a photo of our local Black Bear wandering around the Bass Lake).




Ever since our stocking permit denial in 2010, we've been working hard to correct this injustice with the Department of Fish & Game. 2011 showed us that we were not the only ones being harassed. On a statewide level, DF&G was severely limiting private stocking programs even though they had zero evidence of any harm caused by such programs. We ended up getting involved in two lawsuits against the state, one basically regarding the validity of the EIR driving all these changes, the other deals with enforcement of new rules which hadn't even been adopted yet by the Fish & Game Commission, which oversees DF&G. Both these cases are scheduled to be heard in the spring. Just a few weeks ago, I attended a Commission meeting down in San Diego where about 100 interested folks came from around the state and spoke against the proposed new regulations. In the end, they decided not to adopt what was proposed, and sent it all back to staff to see if anything really needs to be changed at all. What it all means to us is still not certain. I can tell you they absolutely know who we are! Time will tell if all this trickles down to the local biologists who we normally deal with. We'll see if they now "see the light" or if they'll continue to try to bully their own personal agendas on us.




With 2011 being the first full year for the Clubhouse, it's use really started to come together and I can see it being the focus of many social activities of the Rancho in years to come. I like to think of it as the Rancho's Living Room. Slowly but surely I've been decorating it, and adding new items to rooms such as the workout room to make it even more inviting. Through trial and error we are getting a pretty good idea on how it will best work for parties and events. The Kitchen is 98% done, in the next few weeks I'll add the final touches and get final approval from the County to start making it operational. I plan to be offering food and hosting special event dinners for clubhouse members this coming summer, look for updates in the Spring Newsletter.



All indications from the National Weather Service is this will turn out to be a dry "La Nina" rainy season, it certainly has been one so far. It's too early to tell for sure, as one or two good storms can quickly turn things around for us, but in preparation, I am installing a new and much larger water tank for the pool area's irrigation needs. This will go along way to help store enough "free" spring water (which we can't use for our potable system) to keep the grass green and pools full if a severe drought does happen without using our more precious filtered water. We'll know for sure how things stand when I send out the Spring Newsletter in May, look for more updates then.




As I'm sure you all have noted, the Monterey County Regional Fire Districts tax is now on your annual county assessments. I think this will save a lot of confusion over time. The District has finally finished a station/building at the Corporation Yard of the Preserve to store their equipment. It is staffed by a day time medic and 24/7 by Preserve volunteers and security personnel. The station is kind of hidden, but is located just beyond the fence at the intersection of Robinson Canyon Rd. & Rancho San Carlos Road or about 1/3 of a mile before the turnoff to our Rancho. We are hoping to have better signage along Robinson Canyon road alerting everyone of it's location, but for some reason, they don't want to do this. The Station provides Fire and EMS services to the Preserve, Whiterock and San Clemente Rancho, along with protection to our region of the Los Padres National Forest. They recommend calling 911 in case of emergencies rather then going to or calling the station directly.


I'm slowly but surely rebuilding the corrals near the Rancho's entrance. Eventually I hope to rebuild a small barn/stable which once was there to provide better accommodations to members who want to bring their horses up during their visits...who knows, one day we might have our own family horse too.


The garbage trailer is a great success, no more heaps of garbage piling up on busy weekends! As a reminder, the dump is pretty serious about what they allow and don't, please do not place large items such as appliances (including TV's) in the trailer. Please take these items (such as refrigerators and mattress's) yourselves over to their Last Chance Mercantile at the dump. Additionally, they pick & pull items from the pile I dump into, so there really is no reason to do any separating and recycling here. This will help keep the trailer parking area cleaner too.


Despite our nations continuing economic troubles, and the basic collapse of the second home market this past year we ended up selling 5 cabins. Currently, we still have seven cabins for sale and I am feeling more optimistic that this year we will get though the financial uncertainty, and get some of those cabins sold! Please let us know if you have any friends who might be interested in the rancho, any referral which leads to a sale receives a $250 guest credit!


Please feel free to email me your thoughts, questions or suggestions to


Thanks for everything, and I hope we all have another great year!     Bruce