San Clemente Rancho is a second home recreational vacation area. It is not meant for full time permanent residences. Members may enjoy the ranch any time they want, on a year-round basis, they just can't live here for more than 45 days in a row per visit. They must have a primary residence somewhere else.

The everyday rules are common sense regulations designed so a hundred families can equally enjoy the rancho without affecting someone else's fun. Dogs are welcome on the rancho, except in the pool area.


VALID 2023

San Clemente Rancho has a unique situation in which the land is operated by one owner (San Clemente Rancho inc.) while the cabins are owned as personal unsecured property by each member. In order for a person to have a cabin on the Rancho and use the facilities, they must purchase a license agreement which is on five year terms renewable for 95 years. The license agreement has two portions, one is an annual maintenance fee, and the second part is the five year renewal. Both fees are adjusted to the nations Consumer Price Index so once purchased, the fees only adjust to the inflation rate over the life (99 years) of the agreement. Other costs associated with cabin ownership include annual taxes of 1% to Monterey County, fire insurance and guest fees. The Membership is established for a single family, in other words husband, wife (Significant Other/Domestic Partner) and children still living with the family or in college. Single people are allowed an accompanying guest at no extra charge. All other visitors to the rancho are considered guests.


2023 Rate Schedule



Cabin License, $1,6500.00 First 5 years, plus

$3750.00 annual maintenance Fee*

(fee adjusted to CPI after first 5 year term)

* Typically, when purchasing an existing cabin, the old License agreement is continued and transferred to the new member, the corresponding fees are usually less then what's listed above, please inquire about a particular cabin's fee schedule and renewal date.

Associate Membership, $625.00 per year per family**

(associates are defined as the adult children and their family of the primary member)


Non-cabin license, $4000.00, Term 5 years plus

$1550.00 annual maintenance fee


One year trial license $2000.00 (non renewable)


**Family = husband, wife (significant Other/domestic Partner), plus children still living with parents


Does not include winter fly-fishing Club


Guest Fees:***

non family, with members = $17.50 per person/day

without members = $30.00 per person/day

***All guests must be associated with a member as we are not open to the general public


Cabin prices have recently ranged from $155,000.00 to $950,000.00






(Please see information booklet for various license descriptions on members page. Sorry, we do not have a rental program)


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