1.    HISTORY.......................................................................             

2.    CHARTER.....................................................................             

3.    ORGANIZATION........................................................             

4.    MEMBERSHIP............................................................

5.    NEW MEMBERSHIP...................................................             

6.    SALES OF CABINS & LICENSES............................

7.    ENFORCEMENT.........................................................



9.    MESSAGE SERVICE.....................................................             

10.  TELEPHONE..................................................................              

11.  COURTESY WITH PETS.............................................              

12.  MEMBERS REGISTER.................................................               

13.  GUESTS..........................................................................               

14.  WORKMAN..................................................................               

15.  GUEST PASSES............................................................              

16.  GUEST  DAY & FEE SCHEDULE................................             

17.  PARTIES .......................................................................               

18.  FEES & CHARGES.......................................................               

19.  LIABILITY AND HAZARDS......................................            

20.  POOL AREA..................................................................              

21.  SEASONS ......................................................................             

22.  LIMITS ..........................................................................             

23.  STEELHEAD TROUT....................................................            

24.  BOATS............................................................................            

25.  HUNTING & TARGET SHOOTING............................             

26.  DAMS & PONDS AT CABINS....................................            

27.  FISH VIEWING POND..................................................             

28.  VEHICLES......................................................................             


          OTHER ENGINES.......................................................             

30.  WATER...........................................................................             

31.  FIREWOOD....................................................................             

32.  FIRE................................................................................              

33.  TRASH & GARBAGE..................................................              

34.  CABIN SITES................................................................            

35.  CABINS.........................................................................

36.  TEENAGERS.................................................................              

37.  HORSES.........................................................................              


                BASSLAKE AREA ...........................................

39.  JEEP & HIKING TRAILS.............................................              

40.  FENCES & PROPERTY LINES...................................



                & HOMESITE.......................................................             

42.  CATTLE ........................................................................            

43.  NATURE & WILDLIFE...............................................            

44.  HINTS AND SUGGESTIONS .....................................             

45.  COMPLAINTS & COMPLIMENTS...........................           

46.  MAP………………………………………………….










                This book of rules has been drawn up to guide the members of San Clemente Rancho and their guests on all rules, regulations and suggestions of the rancho.  Over 40 years of thoughts, suggestions, meeting with individual members, study of other clubs' rules, and practical application have been used to draw up these rules. Most of the rules you’ll find are common sense, but are written down to better help everyone understand what we are trying to achieve.


                The basic thought in forming each rule has been for the benefit of the membership as a whole and the Rancho and not for the good of any individual or group.  This is the fourth edition of the rulebook and contains all the changes that the news bulletins have contained over the last 40 years.  While reading this book, you may find a few of the rules repeated in various sections, this is because many items have mutual areas overlapping concern.  Any changes or addenda to this book may be mailed to the members from time to time by the licensor and should be inserted in the back of this book. Cabin owners must keep a copy of this book in their cabin. Additional copies of this book may be obtained from the manager.


1          HISTORY


                San Clemente Rancho, formerly the old McFadden Ranch, was secured from the United States Government in the early 1900's by Charles and Della McFadden under provisions of the Homestead Act. The original size of the ranch was much smaller, but during following years, through a series of acquisitions the McFadden's were able to secure a total of 1,802 acres.


                The primary use of the property in those days was an operating cattle ranch containing as many as 100 head of cattle at a time. The McFadden's also had a hunting and fishing club, which they operated as a sideline.  There are many interesting and colorful tales of events that took place during the period of the McFadden's ownership.


                In June of 1960 Mike and Donna Dormody purchased the entire ranch from the McFaddens.  The name was changed to San Clemente Rancho.


                During the next few years a program of general clean - up and tearing down of old buildings and shacks was completed.  Two tennis courts, a large swimming pool, and Trout Lake were also built.


                The sale of licenses for participation in San Clemente Rancho commenced in 1960.  In the spring of 1961 all the basic improvements were completed. By the spring of 1962 the lake had been enlarged to nearly five surface acres, a water system installed, and over six miles of new hunting roads had been bulldozed.  Other improvements included a bathhouse and dressing rooms, a large shade pavilion, with facilities for ranch barbecues and private parties, and several new bridges.


                By 1966, the Kids Pool, Bass Lake on Ponciano Ridge, and a ranch-wide water system were constructed. The main entrance road, Dormody Rd. was oiled.


                In the summer of 1966 the Rancho became a California Corporation. Our growth continued, and additional improvements and facilities were constructed. The main road was completely paved, cattle were reintroduced, and stock water ponds excavated. Several more tennis courts were also constructed.


                The 1970's were a period of cabin building. Most of the kit log cabins were constructed at this time. In 1974, we brought electricity to the rancho. By the 1980's, most of the 103 cabins had been built, and more intra-ranch roads were paved.


                Recently we have entered a period of rebuilding & improving already existing facilities. The Pool Area was remodeled during the late 1980's. In 1989 we placed a phone line underground from Carmel Valley to serve the cabins. The bridges originally built in the 1960's, were washed out and had to be replaced in 1995. A period of trail building and picnic areas was developed. The popular fish-viewing pond was built. In 1996 the County of Monterey rezoned the Rancho to reflect the non-residential cabin use that the property has traditionally been. The 90’s were also a era of cabin remodeling/rebuilding and improving. Bruce Dormody purchased the corporation from his parents in 1998 to continue operating the Rancho in its original family oriented style. 1999 saw the addition of the miniature golf course to the pool area. While year 2000 brought a new spa to the Pool Area, and 2001 the waterslide was completed.


2          CHARTER


                (1) San Clemente Rancho shall be first and foremost a refuge and park dedicated to the preservation and creation of natural beauties, bounties and resources to be enjoyed and contributed to by the membership and their guests.

                (2) It shall be a retreat of natural wilderness dedicated to the conservation and development of the flora and fauna.

                (3) All activities, which in essence or ideals obstruct these above objectives, shall not be condoned or considered by its directors. Membership shall be limited to those who believe in the ideals of wilderness conservation and good sportsmanship.





                San Clemente Rancho, Inc. is a California corporation, which leases its land from Donna and Mike Dormody on a long-term lease, The Board of Directors of San Clemente Rancho is appointed by the owners of the corporation.  The Board of Directors has authority to revise old rules and enact new rules pertaining to the rancho, when a situation may arise calling for a set of standards relating to safety, health, or conduct. The Board also acts as a regulatory body for the licensees' guests which include periodic reappraisements of guests limitations and guest fees to insure the ultimate in privacy for the licensees of San Clemente Rancho.


                San Clemente Rancho, Inc. has the right to sell additional licenses until all available sites are occupied: also the sale of non-cabin or other types of licenses, and may purchase or assist in the resale of cabins which may become available from time to time.


                San Clemente Rancho, Inc. may engage in other types of business consistent with recreation, ranching and resort or "outdoor" life.


                All decisions of the Board of Directors are made only after careful study of the situation and discussion with members of the rancho on that particular issue.  When the Board takes action, a newsletter is mailed to all members informing them of that ruling and other related topics.


                Any licensee of San Clemente Rancho who has a suggestion on any of the existing or potential rules, is encouraged to write a letter explaining their position and thoughts on that rule to San Clemente Rancho Inc., 36865 Dormody Rd. Carmel , CA 93923 , or e-mail us at  This practice is greatly encouraged and sincerely appreciated. Also, any member who has a suggestion on the formation of extra activities such as a tennis tournament is encouraged to send a letter to inform San Clemente Rancho of their ideas.



4          MEMBERSHIP


                San Clemente Rancho offers several types of membership.


                (1) CABIN - TYPE LICENSE: This license allows the members to erect or purchase a cabin on a pre-designated site. The cabin belongs to the member. The member pays a unsecured personal property tax to the County of Monterey for their cabin. The member has the use of all facilities of the rancho.  The Cabin - Type membership is a long-term renewable contract to insure members' equity in their cabin. The member as defined in the license agreement pays an annual maintenance fee. This License does not allow for permanent residency of the Rancho. A member may not stay longer then 45 days in a row without moving back to their primary home for the same period of time.


                (2) NON - CABIN LICENSE: The Non - cabin License is a short term license which allows the member to use all of the facilities, but they do not have a cabin site. Non - Cabin Licensees may rent a cabin listed for rent when available. Non - Cabin Licensees pay an annual maintenance fee as prescribed by their license agreement. Since there is no equity involved, Non cabin Licenses are not automatically renewable, but a new agreement may be purchased at the expiration of their original license.


                (3) ASSOCIATE LICENSE: Associate licenses are for blood relatives of licensees who are over 21 years of age and no longer considered part of the licensees dependent family. Each Associate license is charged on an annual basis. These Licensees have the full privilege of all the facilities of the Rancho but must be sponsored by the parent licensee and use the parent licensee's cabin. Non - cabin licensees can not have associate licenses in their family. The Associate Licensee can sign guest passes, and may have their own guests. There is no maintenance fee for an Associate License.


                (4) TRIAL LICENSE: The Trial license is the same as a non-cabin license, only the term is for one year only.


                (5) FLYCASTERS LICENSE: This special license allows for the use of the two fishing lakes for catch and release fly-fishing. The term of the license is one season and is for one person, but can be expanded to cover other members of the individuals’ family.


                (6) MULTI-FAMILY SPECIAL LICENSE: This license is designed so more then one family can own a cabin and share in its use.





                All members of the licensees’ immediate family, this means husband, wife, and all children under 21 years of age are members of the Rancho. Older adult children, who are still in school, and/or still dependants of their parents, are considered members. All other relatives, with the exception of grandparents, are guests. Parents and Grandparents of licensee will not be charged a guest fee providing they accompany the licensee on their visits. Special consideration by the licensor will be taken if a particular situation warrants it.  The licensor and all members of the rancho have the right to bring any friend or associate they wish to visit the rancho as a guest providing they adhere to the particular guest rule that may apply to them. Members, who are single, may have a guest accompany them at any time for no charge.





                Any member who has a friend or acquaintance that has shown a desire to join the rancho will be given a full interview by the licensor explaining the ranch's operation and license agreement.





                Any member wishing to sell their license and cabin to another party must have that party approved by the licensor the same as any other new member.  The board of Directors and/or the licensor reserves the right to refuse membership to any guest and to refuse the right of entrance to the ranch property to any guest or workman.  These refusals will not be made without justification.


                Any member wishing to sell his license and/or cabin must first notify the licensor in writing of their intentions to sell and the asking price.  The licensor will then take the necessary steps to help arrange the sale for the licensee.  It is the cabin owners’ responsibility to find a buyer, the licensor will help aid the seller, and show the cabin to qualified, prospective buyers, but is not obligated to sell a particular cabin. The seller will pay the applicable transfer fee to the licensor. The transfer fee is 10% of the remaining value of the license and the selling price of the cabin and other improvements.  An administrative transfer fee will be charged for transfers of ownership between parents and children assuming ownership of the cabin.


                No licensee may sell or transfer their license until all charges such as guest fees and maintenance fees are paid to date.  The licensor has the right of first refusal on all transfers of licenses and sales of cabins.


                The cabin owner is encouraged to advertise their cabin when it is placed on the market. San Clemente Rancho has a web page, which lists cabins that are currently for sale. Its address is Any member may place their cabin on this page providing they give the Licensor a suitable photo of their cabin and pay a small one-time fee for the time to set up the page. The member may place one ‘for sale’ sign on the cabin, or an agreed upon location if the cabin is not visible from a road. The sign shall not exceed 8.5 X 11 inches in size and should include a home phone number.


                Cabin owner may use Realtors to help sell their cabins, history has shown however, that the vast majority of new members come from friends of existing members and word of mouth, and realtors rarely have access to this market.


7          ENFORCEMENT


                From time to time members or their guests will carelessly break a rule. A pleasant reminder from a fellow member is all that should be necessary to address the particular situation.  If, however, the member persists in breaking the rule, after the second time, they will be notified by the licensor or manager of this infraction.  If this does not stop the offender, they may have the particular privilege revoked. For example, if a member’s teenage child insist on partying at the pool area, their use of that area may be restricted until they can use it in a more controlled manner.


                It is up the member to explain the rules to his guests. Members are responsible for their guests' actions at all times the guests are on the Rancho property.




                The gatekeeper and manager are hired by the licensor and will take their orders from the licensor.  Please cooperate with them at all times.  The gatekeeper and manager have the authority to enforce all the rules of the rancho.  Please report broken water pipes, fire hazard, unusual or unsanitary conditions or dangerous road conditions to them at once.


                Both the outer and inner gates have combination codes to them. The combination will be changed from time to time to keep any unauthorized people from gaining night entry into the rancho. After hours, 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 am in the summer, 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 am . in the winter, the gate must be opened by the member. Ask the gatekeeper for the code if you think you will be arriving late. This way the gatekeeper will know who it is when they hear you drive by the gate house late at night.  No combination is needed to leave the rancho as the gates open automatically, but again for the purpose of knowing who is on or off the property please notify the gatekeeper if you expect to leave the rancho early.


                If the gatekeeper is awakened by a member or their guest who has not observed this rule, the member or guest will be charged a fee to be paid to the gatekeeper for the inconvenience of getting out of bed to let someone in. Please remember that no one likes to be awoken late at night. The gatekeeper may be reached at (831) 659-0103.





                Most cabins have private telephones.  For those who do not, a message service is provided by the gatekeeper. A nominal fee will be charged by the gatekeeper for this service providing that it is not an emergency.  The gatekeeper has the right to refuse delivery of any message unless it is truly an emergency.  The fee covers the gatekeepers’ time and expenses for delivering the message.



10        TELEPHONES


                In 1989 Pacific Bell and San Clemente Rancho installed telephone service to most cabins. The cable was placed underground at the ranchos expense in order to better preserve the wilderness experience we promote.  For those members who originally expressed interest in obtaining service to their cabins, a one time cost - sharing fee was charged in order to partially offset the construction costs incurred by the rancho.


                Cabins who did not participated in the original program, yet desire phone service, may hookup providing they pay the pro-rated cost-sharing fee plus any additional installation charges needed to bring the underground service to their site.


A private phone is located in the office adjacent to the pool area. This phone is available for absolute emergencies only. This is the licensors private business line and is not to be used for members or their guests personal calls.


In the event of a true emergency, i.e. fire or medical emergency remember that most cabins do have phones, ask to use one of them if it saves time over driving to the pool area!




                No dogs are allowed out of the car at the gatehouse.  This is extremely rude and unfair to the gatekeeper.  Also, dogs are not allowed in the pool area. It is very unsanitary.


                Guests and workman may not bring pets to the Rancho without the prior consent of the licensor or manager.


                There are no leash restrictions enforced on the Rancho. If a problem arises with a particular pet, i.e. excessive barking or wandering, restrictions will be established just for that pet. Please feel free to report any problems encountered with a pet while on the Rancho.


                Cats are not allowed outside the cabin. For they quickly can escape, and they can catch many of our beloved songbirds.


Dogs can swim in the Trout Lake if they are not bothering either fisherman or other swimmers. Please keep dogs under control at the lake area. Dogs are not allowed to swim and muddy the water at the fish-viewing pond.


Hunting dogs are not allowed on the rancho for any type of game hunting, period. 





                The member's register is located at the gatehouse.  EVERYONE entering the ranch, whether they are a member, a guest or a workman must sign the register on entering. The gatekeeper will check them out when they leave.  This way the gatekeeper will know at all times who is on the property in case of an emergency.


                Occasionally (at night) the gatekeeper will leave the register out in the roadside sign-in box. Please stop and sign yourself and any guests in prior to entering the rancho. The register contains the following information; the date in, members name, guests name, will the guests be accompanied by the member, how long the guest will stay, and the date out.  It is repeated that all persons entering the ranch must be logged in (many times the gatekeeper will print in your name for you so to keep it legible) each time they enter the rancho, even if it's multiple times in the same day.


Please be sure to print the name of any guests on the register to insure accurate billing. This is important for a scribbled signature makes the bookkeeping extremely difficult.



13        GUESTS


                San Clemente Rancho is a PRIVATE resort area for the use of the licensees and an invited guests. In order to preserve the rights of the members, the guest rules are as follows:


                (1)  No guest will enter the rancho without a signed guest pass by a member unless the member is in the automobile with the guest or has left the pass at the gate house.


                (2)  No guest may enter the rancho without the member being present to stay longer then one week unless prior consent of the licensor is given. This is to insure the ranchos liability can be covered.


                (3)  Licensees may rent their cabins to a friend providing they pay the prevailing guest fee and accept full responsibility of the renter and notify the licensor or the manager in advance. Long term stays (over one week) the guest must purchase a trial license.


                (4)  No guest may bring or use a firearm on the rancho unless they are accompanied by a member of at least 18 years of age.


                (5) Guest can only fish the Trout Lake with the member being present unless the prior consent and special fee is arranged with the manager.


                (6) The guest fee will be charged to the member in whose cabin the guest is staying regardless of which member invites the guest to the rancho.


                (7)  One baby-sitter allowed per membership


                (8)  Friends, relatives and children of baby-sitters are to be considered guests.


                (9)  Baby-sitters of guests, are guests.


                (10) Members are responsible for their guest’s actions at all times they are on the rancho. Please make sure the guests know and understand all the basic rules of the rancho prior to their entering the property.


                (11) Guests may not hunt deer or wildboar on the rancho. Only turkey and pigeon hunting is available to guests as long as a member accompanies them.


                (12)  Any member or guest of  a member found to be abusing the guest rules of San Clemente Rancho may have all their guest privileges revoked at the discretion of the board of directors of San Clemente Rancho, Inc.


                (13) Guests of guests are not allowed.


                (14) Children (minors) of members of a Licensee's family may not sign guest passes.


                (15) Members must be present at least 75% of the time for the guest to be considered with the member.


                (16) All guests must be in physical accompaniment of a member to fish.



14        WORKMAN


                San Clemente Rancho allows workers to enter the rancho to perform work on a members cabin. If the worker leaves the cabin site to take a walk, swim, fish or other enjoyment of the ranch, they are then considered guests.


                Workers must have a signed pass from the member authorizing entry to their cabins if the member is not present. Workmen who perform carpentry projects on an individual cabin must comply with all state and County building requirements. They must show proof of permits, Workman's Comp Insurance and be a licensed state contractor when entering the rancho. Workman coming to the rancho over long periods of time may have one pass which is posted at the gate house for the duration of that particular job.


                Workman may not bring dogs or firearms on the property.


                Rules that govern San Clemente Rancho's oversight to improvements to members cabin are covered in section 37 of this booklet and in the members license agreement.





                All guests and workmen must have a pass signed and dated by the member in order to enter the Rancho. All guest passes are to be surrendered to the gatekeeper upon entrance. The guest or workman must also sign the pass releasing the rancho of all liability and agree to obey all of the rancho's rules.


                It is up to the member to inform the guest of the Ranchos’ rules. Members are responsible for their guests' and workman's actions at all time they are on the Rancho.


                No one may have a guest pass that is valid for more then 10 days unless the licensor has been notified in advance. If a guest is planning to use the rancho more then this period, a short term trial license will be required.


                If a guest or workman does not have a signed guest pass, they will be asked to locate the member by phone to give verbal permission to enter. If the member can not be located, then the guest, workman will not be allowed into the rancho. Guest passes are issued to insure the privacy, security and to cover any liability of the rancho and the cabins. It is up to the member to get the pass to the guest, it is not the duty of the Gatekeeper or licensor.


                Members may have as many blank guest passes as they desire simply by asking the gatekeeper for them.





                Guest day begins when visitor arrives at the rancho and ends a 11:00 a.m. the following day. Guest day goes from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. each day thereafter. To avoid additional charges the guest check- out time is 11:00 a.m. unless particular circumstances make it necessary to adjust time out for a particular visit



                Members wishing a private party must notify manager in advance to establish a date. The Host member must clean up after the party. The Host is responsible for the conduct of guests and will make arrangements at gate for guests to leave on time. Any guest waking the gatekeeper after 10:00p.m. and before 6:00a.m. will be charged an additional fee for the inconvenience. To avoid this situation make arrangements with the gatekeeper in advance to obtain the night entrance combination for the outer security gate.


                Private parties of any size are allowed anytime at the pool area April through June, & September through October. During the Months of July & August large parties (20+ people) are restricted to weekdays and evenings while weekend functions at the pool area are limited in size to groups of less then 20 people.


                Parties at the Pool Area must stop by 10 p.m. All other parties(at the members cabin) must stop with guests on their way home and out of the gate by 12 midnight or a late fee will be charged. If parties do run late into the night it is requested that partygoers stop consuming alcohol and that coffee is served to encourage a safe trip down the hill and home. Please refrain from drinking and driving on ranch roads.


                In the event a private party is held at the pool area, all other members are still free to use all the facilities in the area as usual, except in extreme situations granted only by the manager.


                No licensee or group of licensees may hold a party at the pool area without first obtaining the permission from the manager and accepting full responsibility of liability of guests including clean-up. This includes "cook outs" as well as private parties.


                San Clemente Rancho does not accept liability for any party held on the ranch, which it is not hosting.





                Members will be billed monthly or as needed for their guest charges by the licensor.  The billing will show the names of the guests, length of stay, and the date. To help facilitate this billing, please print  all guests names on the sign-in register. A service fee will be levied on any account over 30 days in arrears.


                All maintenance fees are billed mid May, and are due June 1


                License renewal fees are due on an individual basis based on the initial license purchase date, intent to renewal is initiated by the licensee, then the licensor will send a bill for the next five year term approximately 6 weeks prior to its expiration date.


                Electrical service fee is a small annual charge to offset the initial cost of bringing the PG&E service into the rancho.


                Garbage dumpster fee is an optional service fee if a member wishes to use the dumpster located on the ranch to dispose of the everyday trash without having to haul it back to their homes. The fee is billed on an annual basis at the first of the year. The dumpster is not meant to be used for large refuse such as yard rakings, water heaters, beds and other furniture.


                Other fees may be charged for excessive water use, late fees for unpaid outstanding bills, and unnecessarily waking up the gatekeeper.





                San Clemente Rancho, being a wilderness type resort area is loaded with potential "attractive hazards". We have lakes, swimming pools, spillways, bridges, traffic, wild animals, domestic animals, hunters, poison oak, bees, black widows and other biting insects, rattle snakes etc., etc.


                It would be virtually impossible to protect the members and their guests from these hazards without closing the gates and locking everyone out. To construct barriers and fences around the physical hazards would destroy all of the attractiveness of nature’s architects and also destroy the reason for people wishing to enter the rancho. We therefor can only caution the members about these hazards and write specific rules for the members and their guests to obey in order to prevent any serious accidents.


                The member upon signing the license agreement releases the Rancho of all liability. This is a secondary reason for our rules of safety, the primary reason being no one wants an accident.


                The rules around the swimming pool and lakes might seem a bit severe to some members or their guests but they will be strictly enforces in order to prevent any accidents.



Of all the locations found on the ranch, the Pool Area receives the highest use when it is open. Because of this high impact, it is the area where the rules must be strictly followed. To best achieve this, it is encouraged to have all members enforce these rules when things are obviously out of hand and management might not be readily available.


                (1) Everyone is responsible to clean up his or her own garbage before leaving the pool area. If you’ve moved a picnic table, chair, chaise lounge, please return it to where you found it.


                (2) Do not throw trash or garbage in the firepits or barbecue. It sours the barbecue and spoils the taste of any future meat being cooked there.


                (3) If you must smoke, please pick up all cigarette butts and dispose of them properly. NO smoking is allowed while in the hot tub.


                (4) Please do not throw disposable diapers and sanitary napkins into restroom toilets


(5) No children under 10 years of age may enter pool area without being accompanied by an adult (15 years of age or older) unless child has passed the swim test. This rule also applies to the lake area.


 (6) The swimming pools will be closed each morning until 9:30 a.m. for cleaning. Children will not be allowed to use the pools and hot tub until after this time.


(7) No one is to enter the pump house at any time without the permission of the manager. The pump house is full of dangerous electrical equipment and chemicals, which can easily be mishandled. In case of an emergency, turn off the main circuit breaker located outside of the pump house facing the bathrooms and call the gate house from the emergency phone located in the pool area office.




There are two swimming pools at San Clemente Rancho.  The smaller “Adults Pool” nearest to the hot tub, and the larger “Kids Pool”.


                (1) The age limit for the Adults Pool is 16 years and older with the exception that swimming lessons will be allowed for children in the adult pool any time it is not being used by an adult.  Children who continually sneak into the adult's pool after being warned face the possibility of loosing their swimming privileges for a given period.


                (2) Everyone should shower off before entering pool or hot tub.


                (3) No hard or abrasive objects may be placed in the pool including children's toys.


                (4) Parents are responsible for their children at all time. It is the parents responsibility to watch over their children, when roughhousing gets out of hand, running around the patio, or other wild behavior arises, please control your children, inevitably this is when accidents soon happen.


                (5) No running or horseplay in the pool or on the concrete patio, let the children run on the lawn.


                (6) Children, who are not toilet trained, are not allowed in the pool without the appropriate watertight swimming attire on, no naked babies in the pool please, they may be cute, but they are not sanitary.


                (7) No "cutoff" shorts allowed in the pools, please use bathing suits only, the worn fibers of cutoff’s clog and freeze the pool pumps.


                (8) No lifeguard will be present at the pool area at anytime.


                (9) No one with open cuts or sores on their body are allowed in the pools or hot tub.


                (10) The area beneath the diving board must be kept vacant by swimmers at all times except when getting out of the way.


(11) During the winter the pools are closed. The pools can freeze over. They are extremely dangerous at this stage and should be avoided. They will not support a persons wait no matter how thick one thinks the ice is. Never attempt to walk on the frozen pools. Do not throw any foreign material onto pools to try to break ice, rocks and sticks only damage the pools surface requiring extensive repair during the following spring clean up. Persons caught vandalizing pool area will be financially responsible for any damage done.







(1) Please obey all posted signs and notices. When the chain is hung across the entrance stairs, the slide is closed. Do not attempt to use the slide when there is no water running and the pump can not readily be started.


(2) Operational hours for the slide is from 10 am till sunset, and automatic timer runs the pump, but it must be started by pressing the green button near the entrance stairs. It is not necessary to manually shut the pump down, a timer will do this automatically. If it is an emergency, press the red shutoff button and the water flow will stop in a few seconds. This button has to be pulled back out in order to restart the pump. Please do not needlessly play with these buttons, it is extremely hard on the pump motor.


                (3) To avoid a safety hazard at the bottom of the slide, a minimum interval of 6 seconds must be maintained between the riders. The easiest way to figure this, is no one start their run until the previous person has splashed down  in the pool.


                (4) No mats, inflatable tubes, or life jackets are allowed on the slide.


                (5) Only one rider at a time, Absolutely no doubles, trains or chains of riders will be allowed. The only exception is if a parent rides with a child in their lap using special caution.


                (6) You must be at least 48 inches tall to use the slide without direct adult supervision.


                (7) All riders must ride feet first either sitting or lying down on their backs.


                (8) Arms and hands must remain inside flume. NO STOPPING, STANDING OR GRABBING while on the slide will be tolerated.


                (9) Exit splashdown area immediately. Loitering or hanging out in the pool at the base of or in front of the slide is not allowed, and extremely dangerous.


 (10) All riders must wear swimsuits. Cut-off jeans, regular shorts, or pants have items (i.e. buttons, zippers) that will severely scratch the slide surface.


                (11) Do not run up the access stairway/ramp. Please use the handrails, the concrete is textured, but may become slippery when wet, please use caution.


                (12) Stay off the landscaped areas, it could be dangerous, and will track mud into the slide and pools. Observers must not try to touch and persons traveling down the slide (sorry, no high fives!)


                (13) WARNING Riders should be in good health, Pregnant women, individuals with a heart condition or people intoxicated should not use slide.


                (14) WARNING Failure to follow slide rules can result in serious injury to yourself and others, and will result in the loss of your slide privileges. Use of slide is at your own risk.






(1) Please follow the posted rules for the miniature golf course.  The course is open and playable during the daylight hours. During the winter, the course will usually be open, but may closed during or just after inclement weather. If the main pool area gate is locked, then consider the course to also be closed.


(2) Please take care of all the equipment, and return them to their proper storage locations. Do not take any clubs or balls away from the course, this includes any of the lawn or patio area around the pools.





(1) Please read and understand all the posted signs around the hot tub area before entering the spa. It is extremely important not to stay in the tub too long, a clock is provided to keep track of how long you are soaking.


(2)     Please shower off prior to entering the hot tub.


(3) It is requested that all children under 14 have an adult present in the hot tub area when they are using the spa.


(4) It is highly recommended that elderly people not use the tub by themselves, the hot water really can relax ones muscles to where they may need help exiting the tub, again please be aware of how much time you sped in the water.


(5) Please do not attempt to adjust the temperature or  touch the heater in any way, it is automated and preset and could be dangerous if handled improperly.


(6) The hot tubs’ summer hours are 10a.m. to 9:30 p.m. weekdays and until 11:30 p.m. weekends. Do not enter the pump house to try to override the spa’s automated time clocks.  During the winter, the hot tub will be operated from noon until 9pm . During certain extreme weather events, the tub will be temporarily closed, a sign will be posted at the entrance to the pool area notifying members of the tubs current status.


(7) Please place the insulated spa cover on the tub after you are finished using the tub. We are not referring to times that you are just cooling off, or doing some other activity at the pool area, rather when your visit is finished. This cover saves an incredible amount of energy, and having the cover left off over night is simply a waste.


(8) The radio at the hot tub area is for everyone’s enjoyment. Please do not play it too loud, and if others don’t particularly like what’s playing, see if a mutually agreeable station can be found.


(9) The red emergency shut-off switch is just that, for emergencies only. Please do not use this switch to turn off the spa’s recirulating pump, and automatic timer will do that. The silver jets button can be pressed trice to turn the jets off, or again a timer will shut them off too.




                (1) Tennis shoes only. Please do not use any black soled running/hiking shoes, they really scuff up the playing surface.


                (2) If others are waiting, please limit your time on the court to one set per outing.


                (3) Tennis courts will be closed from approximately November 15 to April 1. If a court has its net removed, consider it closed and please stay off the wet surface, they can be very slippery and dangerous especially if frozen.


                (4) No food or beverages are allowed on the tennis courts. If something is spilled on the courts please attempt to wash off the material with water.


                (5) Children are not allowed on the tennis courts unless they are playing a serious game of tennis or are receiving instructions from an adult.


                (6) The tennis court with the basketball hoop also on the same surface can be used for both sports. If another tennis court is not available, the basketball players must wait for the tennis players to finish their set before they can play.





                (1) No guest may hunt or fish the first week of any season with the exception of pigeon hunting.


                (2) Guests will be allowed to hunt pigeons anytime during the season.


                (3) Trout fishing for the entire ranch will normally open for the catch and release season towards the end of April, depending on the previous winter’s rains. The more rain, the later we must place our boards in the lake due to potential flooding problems.


                (4) Trout fishing will end at the lake September 30 unless specified otherwise for that particular year due to low water.


                (5) Hunting and stream fishing seasons will start and end in accordance with state and federal laws.


                (6) Summer stream fishing season is constantly changing and strictly governed by the Dept. of Fish & Game. Most years the creeks are closed to any fishing but check the published state regulations every year to see what is currently allowed.


                (7) Fishing for bass and bluegill is open year-round on the Ponciano. All fishing at the bass lake is catch and release only.


                (8) Swimming season in the Trout Lake will be from June 1st to September 30.

                                a) Children under 12 years of age will not be                  allowed at the lake unless accompanied by an adult                     of at least 16 years of age or proven to be an                          accomplished swimmer.


                                b) Swimming is not permitted within 20 feet of                               the spillway and bridge, this could be extremely                            dangerous.


c) During the fishing season, please respect fisherman's zone of fishing.


                (9) Swimming season at the pool is from April 15 to October 15, weather permitting.


                (10) The San Clemente FlyCasters have exclusive fishing rights to the partially drained Trout Lake during the Winter (November-March) Season.





                When not using barbless hooks for catch and release fishing, please refrain from "throwing back" any undesirable sized fish, most likely you have fatally harmed the fish and they will die anyway.


                TROUT: At the time of this printing, all Trout fishing will be catch and release, barbless hooked, artificial lures, with no bait allowed. This may change in the future, but is the rule for now.


                BASS: All bass fishing is catch and release.


                DEER: State bag limit per person (remember no guests) with no more then two bucks per membership per year.


                WILD BOAR: Members are allowed one wild boar per year. No shooting of sow pigs.

                For all other hunting, the state and federal bag limit applies for all hunters.





                In 1999, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) listed the Carmel River Steelhead as Threatened. During the summer of 2000, their rules for enforcing the endangered species act were established. These “4d rules”, as they are called, will greatly effect how we operate and fish the Trout Lake .


                In the winter and early spring months the San Clemente Creek has a yearly run of Steelhead trout returning from the ocean to their native spawning grounds. These fish can run anywhere from 1/2 pound up to 16 and 20 pounds. They can be observed periodically entering our fish ladder and swimming upstream by the cabins. Presently these fish are listed by the federal government as threatened. NO ONE is to hamper or disrupt these fish in their migration or spawning habits. Each steelhead which successfully spawns has the potential to produce several thousand new trout for the stream. Anyone caught violating this law will be fined by the rancho and turned over to the California State Fish and Game for further action.


A bypass channel is being constructed around the lake in order to allow the fish to move both upstream and down when the lake is full. There is no fishing allowed in this new channel.





                (1) Sail boats or wind surfers are allowed on the lake. No motor boats of any type will be permitted.


                (2) All boats and swimmers are warned to stay clear of drain tower in the lake. It is extremely dangerous, and if the valve is broken, we will lose all the water and fish stored in the lake.


                (3) The boats stored at the dock are the property of San Clemente Rancho. They are available on a first come, first serve basis, but if people are waiting, please hold your use to one half hour.


                (4) Please respect the boats and clean out all dirt and garbage after each use. Re - tie the boats to the dock and hang up the oars after every use.


                (5) All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult and wear a life jacket while in any boat. This is a state law. Jackets are provided in the green box under the oars.


                (6) Members may bring their own boat or canoe to use at the lake during their stay, providing it is under 12 ft. in length. The boats may not be left at the lake when the members are not staying on the ranch. If the member chooses to store their boat at their cabin, it must be hidden and out of view from other cabins or the access road.


                (7) If there is a problem with a boat or the dock area please notify the manager or gatekeeper as soon as possible for safety reasons.





                (1) All federal and state game laws will be observed.


                (2) Target/clay pigeon shooting will be allowed in the designated area on the road to San Clemente Dam approximately 1/2 mile below the Trout Lake .


                (3) Prior to commencing target shooting, please notify manager to check to see if any hikers, riders, or cattle are in the area. All shooters are asked to keep the target area clean after any target shooting session.


                (4) No shooting of any firearms within 1000 feet of any building or structure on the ranch.


                (5) No loaded guns allowed in the cabin area. When transporting guns to a hunting area, make sure they are unloaded.


                (6) B-B and/or pellet guns are strictly prohibited from being discharged in any portion of the cabin area. This rule applies to both adult members and their children.


                (7) If firearms are observed being used in the cabin area, please notify the manager or gatekeeper at once.


                (8) Positively no guns, loaded or unloaded allowed in pool area or in cars parked at the pool area. Children might get at them.


                (9) No shooting of sow pigs.


(10) Minors may only use firearms on any portion of the ranch when they are accompanied by an adult and have passed the hunters safety course. This includes b-b/pellet/compressed air and/or .22 guns.


                (11) The ranch retains the right to immediately confiscate any gun from a minor who is breaking any of the above rules. The gun will be returned to the parent at their request.


                (12) Members, who hunt, may have one guest accompany them for safety reasons. This guest may only hunt pigeons and Turkeys , guests are not allowed to hunt any other game species while on San Clemente Rancho. No guest may hunt without the member accompanying him.


                (13) No shooting of blue jays, squirrels, or any other bird or creature, on the entire ranch, except game birds during their season.


                (14) During extremely high fire hazard periods the target practice area may be temporarily closed.


                (15) All kills for any type of hunting must be reported to the gatekeeper for our own records.


                (16) Road shooting is prohibited. Please do not drive Dormody Road through the Rancho San Carlos with firearms present in the vehicle.





                During the late 1960's to early 1970's San Clemente Rancho and the Dept. of Fish & Game allowed small temporary impoundment's to be placed across the creeks in order to make a small pond. For the most part these types of structures are no longer being allowed and a few of the old, non-permitted dams are being removed.


                No structure, dam or alteration of stream will be allowed unless prior written consent is obtained from licensor and the California Dept. of Fish & Game.


                For those few dams, which do currently exist, the following are some simple rules, which govern their existence.


                Fishing is not allowed in private cabin ponds.


                All "boards" must be in place by May 15th of each season. Boards must then stay in place until Nov. 1 of each year. Ponds can not be cleaned after boards are in, As the silt and debris will just wash down stream to the next pond or the trout lake.





                The small fishpond near the confluence of San Clemente and Black Rock Creeks is for everyone's visual enjoyment. There is positively no fishing allowed.


                Please keep dogs from swimming in the pond for they stir up the mud and make it more difficult to see the fish.


                The fish food found in the bucket on the viewing deck is primarily their sole source of food. Members are asked to refrain from excessively feeding the fish. Please only throw one to two handfuls per visit.





                (1) The speed limit on Dormody Road between the two gatehouses is 25 mph for the portion through the fields, and 20mph while driving through the redwoods.  Once in the cabin area the limit is 10 mph. Anyone found abusing this rule after fair warning may have their driving privileges revoked at the discretion of the board of directors.


                (2) No one may operate a motorized vehicle of any type on the Rancho unless they hold a valid driver’s license.


                (3) Children are prohibited from "steering" a vehicle while the parent operates the pedals.


                (4) Children are prohibited from riding on the hoods of vehicles, this is extremely dangerous at any speed, one tap of the brake, and they are off the hood and under the car!


                (5) Only state licensed & insured motorized vehicles are allowed to use the rancho’s roads. Unlicensed jeeps, motor bikes, go carts, ATV's and other small engine vehicles are not allowed. Approved vehicles must be properly muffled so noise is not objectionable. They must have the appropriate spark arresters as to not be a fire hazard. These vehicles may not be used for joy riding in the cabin area. They are to be used by licensed drivers.


                (6) The road to the ranch travels through the Rancho San Carlos/Santa Lucia Preserve. No one may hunt or enter their property without their permission. The dumping of trash and cans along Dormody or Robinson Canyon road will not be tolerated. This is especially true for members’ workman. An appropriate fine/clean-up fee will be assessed for habitual litters.


                (7) All members using San Clemente Rancho's jeep roads and fire roads do so at there own risk. Be sure your vehicle is in good mechanical shape before traveling these roads.


                (8) All members and their guest are directed to stay off the rancho's steep roads to the Ponciano or Long Ridge during or immediately after any heavy rains. This is to avoid both damage to the roads with unnecessary rutting and damage to the vehicles by sliding off the roads.


                (9) If gates to a particular road are locked, please ask manager for permission to drive the road. The road may be temporarily closed due to a landslide, soft condition, extreme fire hazard and the like. Your cooperation on letting management know what roads you plan to drive is also a good safety idea, in case one gets stuck or the vehicle breaks down, we know roughly where to look for you.


                (10) When entering the ranch during wintertime, especially during stormy periods, it is a good idea to be prepared for hazardous conditions. Carrying a shovel and saw may be a good idea. If it is exceptionally stormy, call the gatehouse prior to your visit to check conditions of the roads.


                (11) Joy riding is discouraged for adults and not allowed for teenagers. Overall, members are asked to keep vehicular traffic to a minimum. Use your automobile to get to the ranch and if at all possible, do your commuting to the pool area on foot or bicycle. Obviously cabins which are far from the pool or lake, or if you are transporting a lot of items to the pool this suggestion need not be followed.


                (12) Members are not allowed to drive other roads through the Rancho San Carlos/Santa Lucia Preserve besides the San Clemente Trail/Dormody Rd. unless specific permission has been granted to them to do so.





                (1) All portable gasoline engines must be muffled so they will not be objectionable to the licensor and the nearest neighbor.


                (2) The cutting of any vegetation, including the trimming of trees must be approved by the licensor prior to the beginning of the work.


                (3) Chain saws and leaf blowers will not be allowed to run before 8:00 a.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. After obtaining permission from the licensor to cut a particular tree or branch, please check with the neighboring cabins to see the best way not to disrupt their visit.





                The availability of water will always be a concern. When we have a good rainy season, the wells will have plenty of water for everything. During dry periods, as with most areas across the state, we may need to be extra careful with this resource. One faucet accidentally left open, or a unreported broken pipe can drain our entire system rather quickly. The water system is a year round water system operated under permit of the Monterey County Health Dept. It is regularly tested for bacteria and nitrates. It is filtered and chlorinated. The water system is very expensive to operate. We can no longer use our "free" spring water for our potable system, but now the irrigation for the entire pool area comes from this non potable, spring system. The following are rules, which we must all live by in order for the ranch to supply quality water without charging extra for this service.


                (1) Gardens are prohibited.


                (2) Wasting water is prohibited. If a leak is found in the rancho's water system, please report it as soon as possible to the gatekeeper. If a leak occurs within a particular cabin, i.e. leaky toilet, please fix the problem immediately, and never leave the fixture to leak while you are away from the cabin.


                (3) When major water loss is traced to a particular cabin, a pumping fee will be assessed to that member to cover the rancho's cost of replacing the lost water.


                (4) Every cabin must have a water meter and outside shut-off valve. Each membership is allotted 5,000 gallons of water per year. This is usually plenty of water for our vacation type use. This limit will be strictly enforced during dry years. When a cabin greatly exceeds their allotment, a pumping fee will be assessed to cover the rancho's additional pumping costs.


                (5) When leaving your cabin, the water to the cabin must be shut off at the main valve. When leaving the cabin during the wintertime, it is also a good idea to drain the water within the pipes by opening up all drain faucets.


                (6) The new fire hydrants located along the main roads are for emergency use only. Please do not park in front of them or use them except in the case of an emergency (please see fire chapter 32).




                Members may cut firewood or any other tree trimming, only after they have received permission from the manager on what wood is available to cut. Firewood may also be purchased from the ranch if it is available, otherwise there are many dealers in the Carmel area which will bring wood up to your cabin.




                Fires are our greatest concern on the rancho. In order to best avoid fires from getting started or in case a fire does exist please observe the following rules.


                (1) No outdoor fires are allowed on the rancho, except state permitted debris pile burns during the winter. If you acquire burnable waste during the year, please ask manager where the rancho's burn pile is. We will burn this pile in a controlled environment during the next winter.


                (2) Summer barbecues are only allowed on the cabin’s deck area in a standard barbecue pit. No open pit bon-fires are allowed.


                (3) All cabin fireplaces must have a functioning spark-arrester located on the chimney. Please regularly check clearance around the spark-arrester to insure tree branches, leaves, etc. are not within 5 feet of the chimney.


                (4) No open flame "tiki" torches are allowed around the cabins.


                (5) Fireworks of any variety are strictly prohibited and can be immediately confiscated by anyone observing a person in possession of them.


                (6) During extremely hot periods of the summer many of our jeep roads and our target range will be closed to reduce any chance of starting a fire.


                (7) Each spring all cabin owners are required to clear all burnable leaves, limbs, grasses, etc. in a perimeter of 50 feet around your cabin for fire protection.


                (8) Keep area underneath cabin clear of all trash and rubbish. This is an extreme fire and health hazard, which is increased by the presence of our local wood rats, which will quickly occupy this type of clutter.


                (9) Gas water heaters must be closed in and properly vented.


                (10) Each cabin must have a rake, hoe, and shovel available for fire emergencies.


                (11) If a fire has started, report it immediately to the gatekeeper. The gatehouse phone number is 659-0103. Then dial 911 and report the fire as being located on San Clemente Rancho. Judge if you can safely fight the fire (it is amazing what a small perimeter line built with a shovel can do). There is fire hose in the trailer parked in the maintenance area, which can be used with the hydrants.


                (12) If the fire is too large to safely fight, then consider moving to safety, first to the pool area, then to the Trout Lake . From there follow instructions. We have a good dirt road out to Carmel Valley from the Trout Lake which we could evacuate people without fear of interfering with emergency vehicles entering from Robinson Canyon .





                All members trash and garbage must be hauled away from both the pool area and the members cabin. There is a Dumpster available for those who cost share in its use. Anyone found using the Dumpster without previously paying their fair share will be billed for the entire years use. Please contact the manager to sign up for the Dumpster’s use. Please pick up litter around the ranch including the lake and pool area even if it is not yours.




                (1) It is the members’ responsibility to keep the cabin site in a clean, uncluttered condition.


                (2) There are no longer any bare cabin sites available. Those few sites, which currently have no cabin built on them, are spoken for and are in the process of being built.


                (3) House trailers are not allowed to be parked at a cabin. Tents, campers on the back of pick-ups, or small RV’s are allowed on a temporary basis. If they plan to stay more then a week, prior arrangements must be made with management.


                (4) Beyond the 50-ft. fire perimeter, cabin sites should remain in their natural state. Any exterior landscaping must be pre approved by the manager and must use drought tolerant, low maintenance, native plants.


                (5) Approval for the size, planned building materials used, and location, of detached storage sheds, must first be obtained from the manager.


                (6) CDF requires all cabin sites to have their lot number posted at the intersection of the sites driveway and access road. Members may also place their name on the same post if they so desire.





                (1) All plans for cabins & improvements must be approved by the licensor. All plans for cabins and their improvements must be approved and permitted by the Monterey County Building Inspector. The location and scope of the cabin and any exterior improvements must have the licensers’ approval. To avoid any potential conflicts over approval, it is required that a preliminary, on - site meeting between the cabin owner, licensed contractor and the licensor prior to any plans are drafted.


                (2) All cabins that re-roof must first obtain a building permit and use a fireproof Class A type roof such as a concrete imitation shake. The fiberglass/composition/asphalt shingles are not allowed. To insure you are preparing to use an acceptable fireproof shake, please check with the manager first.


                (3) All cabins must obtain the proper permits from the Monterey County Health Department prior to rebuilding their septic system.


                (4) All cabins and additions must be constructed of natural materials.


                (5) Exterior colors of the cabins must be approved by the licensor. Samples of paint colors must be presented to the manager prior to the day of painting.


                (6) Metal storage sheds must be fenced and hidden from view.


                (7) All new gazebos must be framed in wood. The vinyl roofed/metal framed pre-manufactured gazebos are not acceptable.


                (8) Standard TV antennas are only allowed if they are completely hidden from view.  The truth is they really don't work in the canyon. The small satellite TV dishes are permissible and work wonderfully.


                (9) All outside additions and decks to a cabin must have the prior consent of the licensor with plans and an approved building permit.


                (10) All cabins should have a first aid kit and a snake bite kit.


                (11) All cabins must have a copy of this rulebook handy and should make it available to guests staying at the ranch.



36        TEENAGERS


                (1) Teenagers (age 16-18) may not enter the ranch alone unless they have made a verbal and written agreement between their parents and San Clemente Rancho Management. SCR reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the teenager has proven irresponsible.


                (2) Teenagers, 18 years and older may enter the ranch as an adult and are expected to act as such.


                (3) Teenagers may not write their friends’ guest passes, the parents must sign them.


                (4) San Clemente Rancho will not tolerate drinking of alcohol by minors (under 21) while visiting San Clemente Rancho.


                (5) The Licensor will not tolerate use of illegal drugs by any member and/or their children. If a teenager is caught using illegal drugs they will be turned over to the proper authorities and their visitation privileges to the rancho will be revoked.


                (6)Teenagers are the responsibility of their parents, those who do not obey our rules will not be allowed to enter the rancho unless their parents accompany them.


                (7) Teenage joy riding will not be allowed. Teenagers violating our traffic rules and speed limits will lose their driving privileges immediately. No teenager may drive any type of motor vehicle on the rancho's roads unless they have a valid state driver’s license which allows unaccompanied, solo driving.


                (8) Teenage parties will be allowed if properly arranged for in advance with the manager.


                (9) Teenagers using abusive language or acting with disrespect towards employees or other members may loose their use privileges of the rancho’s facilities.


                (10) All members have the right to correct any minor who is violation of ranch rules or who is contributing to the discomfort or jeopardizing the health or safety of others.





                Members are allowed to bring their horses to the rancho any time they wish, leaving them in one of the corrals. As a courtesy please notify the manager when and how long you expect to have your horse on the rancho.


                Members leaving their animals at the corrals for a long period of time are responsible for cleaning the corral area of any unsanitary conditions which may breed flies or create a smell.


                Horses need to be kept under control at all times while on the rancho and especially while in riding in the cabin area.


                It is a good idea to check with management prior to leaving on a long ride to one of the far ridges to check for availability of water, and for safety's sake.





                This area of the rancho was land purchased after 1964 and not part of the license agreement. Use of the airfield is strictly managed by the licensor. Use of the Ponciano Flats and Bass Lake area is allowed under a general permission basis. Use of the paved road up to the parking area (behind the upper tennis court) is permissible. This is an extremely steep and dangerous road which does not support two way traffic easily, in order to best control its use and safety, we ask that you please inform management when you plan to use this road. After reaching the parking area, Members must walk the final short distance to the Flats and Bass Lake area. When driving back down the hill, it is especially important to keep your vehicle at a slow controlled speed, stopping occasionally to let your brakes cool off.


                The bass lake is open to fishing year around although the summer is the best season for catching fish. All fishing is catch and release using artificial lures with barbless hooks.





                The Rancho has many scenic hiking and riding trails that reach into most points of the property. The main trails are listed as follows and a map of these trails can be found at the end of this book. No matter what season it is always a good idea to bring plenty of water along on any of these hikes, as most are at least moderately strenuous.


                (1) The Old Road to the Ponciano is a fairly steep road, which starts off to the right after two turns up the paved road to the Ponciano. The road is two miles long and winds its way up steadily in a southern direction to the Ponciano Flats and Bass Lake . The road climbs in elevation from approximately 900 ft to 2,600 ft.


                (2) Once in the Ponciano flats, there is a property line loop trail, which borders the Los Padres National Forest and the Ventana Wilderness area. This trail is approximately an hour hike of constantly changing elevations with many scenic vistas. You may cross the property line and hike within the forest but be advised that there are no established trails and one can get lost under the thick forest canopy, so only experienced hikers should attempt this.


                (3) The Water Tank Trail to the Ponciano leaves from behind the Garbage Dumpster, one turn up the paved road to the Ponciano. This trail climbs steadily up to the airfield.


                (4) The road to San Clemente Dam leaves Dormody Rd at the Trout Lake . This is a three-mile long road that terminates at the 14 Acres. This parcel is not included for use under the terms of the license agreement, but for the time being, we have been given permission by the property owners for its use. There is a great picnic area at this site. This road can be extremely hot during the summer. There is another beautiful creek side picnic area half way down this road. After coming out of a deep canyon a short road turns off to the right and drops down to the creek. The trail passes a beautiful waterfall on the way to the creek.


                (5) Rimrock Trail or Circle Route is the looped trail that is the continuation of the road behind the lake, back to the horse corral area. It is a great hike within the cabin area and takes no more then an hour to complete while giving a grand overview of the entire canyon and surrounding drainage’s.


                (6) McFadden trail to Long Ridge leaves from the pond at the end of Rimrock trail near the horse corals. This is an extremely steep climb up to Long Ridge. Once at the top there is a loop connection trail to a second field and picnic area. From here you can hike back down via the middle Long Ridge trail.


                (7) The Middle Long Ridge trail climbs to the north from the Road to San Clemente Dam approximately 1/2 mile downstream from the Trout Lake . This is the most shaded, gradual way up to Long Ridge. It terminates at our property line with the Rancho San Carlos and has the previously mention picnic area with a truly spectacular view.  This trail climbs from approximately 750 elevation at the Trout Lake to 2500 feet at the picnic area.


                (8) The Trail to Field #3 on Long Ridge begins approximately another 1/2 mile further down the road to San Clemente Dam, and is again extremely steep. About half way up the road turns into a ridge top field, which continues to climb towards the summit of Longridge. There is no loop to this trail so you have to walk back the same way you came up. It does offer an unusual view of Carmel Valley , and the Cachagua region.


                (9) Reverse Circle Route. This trail starts from the Water Tank trail behind the Dumpster. Just past the silt pond the trail continues to the left while the trail to the water tanks turns to the right. This trail travels through a thick forest above the pool area and returns to Dormody Rd half way to the trout lake from the pool area.


                (10) Waterfall trail. This is a new trail up Black Rock Creek to the waterfall-swimming hole.  This trail crosses some very steep terrain and is not meant for the very young or feeble. Caution is advised.


There are other trails and cross county hikes that you can take, for example hike into the wilderness area up on Ponciano ridge. These hikes are for the more adventurous and should be attempted only after you are familiar with the terrain and your sense of direction is accustomed to our deep winding canyons. We also suggest you let people know where and when you are hiking for safety sake.




                The majority of the property line is fenced. Some of the rancho does have grazing pasture cross fencing. When a fence crosses a road with a metal gate it is marked as a property line. Please do not cross these fences into an adjoining property. The exception to this is our southern boundary with the Los Padres. You can cross onto this land. If an internal fence crosses the road, it usually does so as a collapsible wire gate. Please leave all gates as you find them, if a wire gate is closed, please close it again after you have passed.






                The property owners of the land, which San Clemente Rancho leases, purchased 260 acres on Ponciano Ridge. Use of this property is not included in the license agreement with the members and San Clemente Rancho.


                The Dormody's built their home upon this land in 1979. They are allowing the members to use much of the property, which is commonly known as the Ponciano Flats. The area that they are still excluding, is the land to the east of the Ponciano tennis court/parking area. There is a gate across the road at this point and we ask you to respect their privacy and not drive or hike up into this property.


                As previously discussed in the trails section the 14 acre parcel bordering San Clemente Dam is also not included in the membership, but we have been granted permission to use it, so enjoy, it's quite a beautiful spot!






                The grazing rights to the property have been reserved from San Clemente Rancho. Any cattle one sees on the property are owned by a separate cattle operation. We have worked out an agreement of understanding between the two leaseholders and have a mutually compatible relationship.





                Being that the rancho is trying to preserve as much of the natural habitat as possible, there will be many opportunities to interact with nature and the wildlife found on the ranch. This section covers some of the associated hazards you need to know, precautions you can take, and the best way for everyone to coexist with each other.






                The natural landscape of the rancho is one of its most enduring qualities. The vegetation, which exists on the property, has some hazards you need to know about.


                Poison Oak. This vine is everywhere on the ranch. Some people are very allergic to it. If you don't know whether you are or not, assume you are. Avoid it especially in the late spring when the leaves are budding, large and green. By the late summer the leaves turn a bright red and drop of the vine. You can still get a rash from just brushing upon the bare vine during the winter so be careful. If you think you have come in contact with the plant, our best advise is to wash yourself as soon as possible. Remember that even if you avoid it, your pets may not have and people commonly get a rash after petting their dogs!


                Mushrooms & other "edible" plants. Our best advise is avoid all these plants. Most of the mushrooms now in California are exotic and toxic. It is simply not worth the chance.


                Wildflowers. The whole area usually has a bountiful crop of wildflowers blooming in the spring. As tempting as it might be, please do not pick them for your own enjoyment. This prevents others from viewing their beauty, prevents them from reseeding for next year, and they are very delicate and usually don't stay fresh, even in water for more then a few hours.


                Exotics and ornamentals. Currently the rancho is being infested by French broom. It is the large bush with bright yellow flowers in the summer. These flowers eventually throw off literally millions of seeds. It is not native, is a high fire hazard, and chokes out all other undergrowth. If you have it around your site, please remove them. Other plants, which you may want around your cabin for looks or privacy, we ask, be of a native variety. These are redwood, oaks, lilac etc. They are drought tolerant, many are fire resistant and they won't look out of place. Remember, gardens, which require large amounts of fresh water, are prohibited.




                There is a wide variety of wildlife located on the rancho. Many are found all over the state so most people should already know how to live with them (skunks, raccoons, etc.) The larger mammals we have, many people might not be familiar with (mountain. lions, coyotes & possible black bears) and need special caution, but are extremely rare. The gate keeper will notify all members entering the rancho if a recent sighting of concern of one of those larger animals has occurred.


                It is strongly recommended that all pets are kept inside at night to avoid contact with mountain lions. These creatures are nocturnal, extremely shy and normally do not pose a threat to either humans or pets during the daytime, just be aware that they do inhabit the rancho.


                Members need to familiarize themselves with handling ticks, especially if they are hikers or have pets. Inspect pets and yourself after a hike to insure you are free from the insects.


                The Trout Lake is an active breeding ground to local waterfowl. Geese and ducks commonly nest there during the spring. Please be aware of their young and control pets and children if one happens upon a nest or sees them out swimming on the lake.





                Always tell someone where you intend to hike or drive and when you intend to be back. It is always best to do these things with a partner. Always bring plenty of water along. But know your own limitations. If you do get lost, don't panic, we will find you. Hike to a vista point to try to figure out where you are and either hike uphill or down to the creek, which ever is closer then down to a familiar road. Try to keep out of the brush, it can really be punishment to try to hike through the Chaparral.





If a problem arises which requires immediate attention, first try to solve it yourself. If this is impossible, please inform the manager or gatekeeper as to the situation. It will be resolved as soon as reasonably possible. Major issues should be dealt with in the form of a letter written to San Clemente Rancho at 36865 Dormody Rd. Carmel , CA 93923 .


Please respect the gatekeeper and managers privacy. If it is after normal business hours and the problem is not an emergency, it probably would be best to take the issue up the next day.


Compliments or suggested ways to enhance your stay at the rancho are always greatly appreciated.


It is intended that this booklet be used as a guideline to insure everyone has a fun safe visit. Times change and these rules will occasionally be adjusted. New activities will be added to the ranch and their use may not be directly covered by the existing rules. Under these circumstances, the newsletters that are mailed to all members will be used to supplement information in the booklet until we find it necessary for a new printing.  Additional copies of this book may be purchased from the manager for a nominal printing fee.


Thank you for taking the time to read this book, we truly hope that it helps everyone equally enjoy the many wonderful experiences the rancho has to offer.



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