The Clubhouse received Right to Occupy from Monterey County the first part of September 2010. Presently I'm furnishing the rooms and will be posting updates as they become more complete.

Still need a few rugs, but the living room is coming together


The Sauna is constructed out of Western Red Cedar.

Living room is almost complete, eventually this is the room where there will be web service.

TV Room is just about done

Game Room is coming together, pool table, foosball, ping pong all installed, more to come!

Puzzle table already a hit!

Made these pub tables out of logs found on the rancho.

The porch is a fun place to hang out during the summer, have a cocktail and read a book



The Remodeled bathhouse will have a variety of uses to be completed this winter.


CLUBHOUSE ANNOUNCEMENT LETTER.  An informational Newsletter was recently sent out (September of 2010) which outlines the basics for use and anticipated activities. 

CLUBHOUSE BUILDING HISTORY. Follow a photographic tour of the building of the clubhouse.

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